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Nate Rifkin: The Standing Meditation: Personal Development, Overcoming Self-Sabotage, and Taoism

In this fascinating interview, we talk about personal development, self-sabotage, Yoda, and so much more. Learn how to meditate without being totally bored, and especially learn how to not connect so much personal meaning to things out of your control. Take control of your life, and use the advantage of your thoughts to put true meaning into your life with inspiration.

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We dig into personal growth and mindset - with the surprising news that these don't always work if you don't take care of your mental wellness as you work on your success.

From our guest:
"Hi, my name’s Nate Rifkin. Over a decade ago, I battled suicidal thoughts. My financial life was a mess, I felt alone, and I drank a mix of vodka and an energy drink in the mornings to get me through the day. Worst of all, my mind was my enemy, constantly tearing me down.

This, by the way, was after I dedicated myself to the most common self-help practices you’ll find today. I did the visualizing, made the vision boards, set the goals, and my life still disintegrated into a disgusting dumpster fire.

I’m grateful it happened because my inner pain pushed me into a spiritual path. This path, mostly derived from the Daoist tradition, saved my life. It helped me revive my career. Best of all, it transformed my mind from an enemy into an ally.

I’ve written a book about my journey, called The Standing Meditation. It gives step-by-step directions for performing the Daoist meditation that changed my life. Within days of publishing my book, it became a #1 New Release on Amazon in multiple categories."

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