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July 8, 2021

Slow is Smooth

Slow is Smooth

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It’s common to hear someone use the excuse, “If I could just find more time…” – and if that’s what you need to do, forget it! You’re not going to find more time. There isn’t any more time to give out. There is no way to find more time.



SM044 Thursday July 8, 2021 Slow is Smooth

Welcome to the Second Mix Podcast where we reflect, revise, and remix our lives. My name is Matthew Bennett. At the end of this episode there’s going to be a call to action - a call to take a little step to remix your life – please join the Facebook group Ideas and Concepts so we can continue the discussion. The link is in the description.


The six life assets, according to Joe Herbert’s book Get Rich in 5 Hours, are Mindset, People, Time, Knowledge, Money, and Health. It’s time for time. 


It’s a common phrase to hear someone use the excuse, “If I could just find more time…” – and if that’s what you need to do, forget it! You’re not going to find more time. There isn’t any more time to give out. There is no way to find more time. 


The asset of time is interesting, because this is something that we’re all given the same amount of every single day. How we decide to use it is one of the major factors that will determine the outcome of your life. And if you are not currently achieving the success you want in life, look at how you are spending your time. 


I’ve told you about me – 30 plus years of wasted time. Reading books that weren’t getting me ahead of anything, mindless business startups that I quit as soon as it got difficult, every night in front of the TV mindlessly watching and chewing on some unhealthy food, taking in bad input after bad in terms of mental and physical input. And still, I said, “If I just had more time, I could really make something of myself.” But there wasn’t anymore. I didn’t get more time. 


So what did I do to get out of that rut? What did I do to start moving towards my goals? I made my time, my moments, more valuable. I started using my time to self-educate, improve my life, to fashion a lifestyle for myself that was enjoyable and productive. And to do that, I had to stop wasting time on things that weren’t getting me anywhere. 


Joe says in the book that you can’t save time, find time, or make time. You can only stop wasting time. You can find ways to change what you do with your time. This is a good place to start.  Ask yourself, are my current activities the best use of my time?


I have found that slowing down the pace of my day counterintuitively allows me to use the time more wisely, and get more done. I used to wake up frantically, and try to rush through my entire morning routine, so that I could get to work on the important tasks of the day. Then I realized that my morning routine of gratitude, personal development, and health was more important than the tasks I was rushing to get to. I slowed down my pace, things got much calmer, I enjoy my days more, and when it comes time to focus on the tasks of the day, I am able to get them done, one at a time, instead of rushing through. It’s given me a far greater sense of living, and has allowed me to pay attention to the lifestyle I live, and to enjoy and improve it more. 


My favorite phrase now is this – slow is smooth, smooth is fast. By slowing the pace and paying attention, things organically seem to get done faster, which leaves more time to plan and enjoy my life. 


A great exercise is to write down what you do with each 15 minutes of your day for an entire week. I truly believe that after analyzing this you’ll be able to make wiser decisions on your own without having to consult with a guru. It is a lot of work, but it’s worth the effort. 


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Take steps that will make your week incredible.  I’ll be back on Monday –  this weekend continue reflecting, revising and remixing your life. I’ll see you soon!