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July 26, 2021

"My eyes are failing, but my vision is clearer than ever!"

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We can't know everything right now - only time can refine our vision.  But we can get more and more clear every day. Our goals, our mission, our vision, and our purpose work together to build a life well-lived.


Mission and Vision

Voice In – Have you ever wondered if you are going down the road you were meant to go on? Your vision, your mission – these can be elusive, and since we’re the only ones that get to say if we’re right or not, we have to be able to trust ourselves that we are capable to accomplish them. But how do you know if your vision or mission is the right one for you? That’s what I’m covering today, and I think you’ll be able to relax a little bit after you hear the episode that starts in 5 4 3 2 1

Welcome to the Second Mix Podcast where creatives go to reflect, revise, and remix their lives and find the mindset they need to thrive without conforming. Nobody’s better than you, nobody’s smarter than you, and you don’t need anyone’s permission to succeed! My name is Matthew Bennett, and I was a miserable fool until I discovered all this stuff and changed my life. Now I’m passing it on and paying it forward. At the end of this episode, there’s going to be a call to action – to take some little step to remix your life – take advantage of these exercises and watch things begin to change for you. 

Albert Schweitzer, the nobel prize winning physician and philosopher said, “My eyesight is failing, but my vision is more clear than ever.” People usually use this quote as a inspiration to have vision, to find your mission, but I see it as something else. Here’s a guy at the end of his life who was still clarifying his vision. He still didn’t have it exactly right. The details weren’t entirely worked out. 

This quote revealed worlds of information to me. I would write down a vision, scratch it out, write a whole new vision, scratch that out and start looking for earlier missions and visions I wrote out to see which ones turned me on, got me going. I was indecisive, so I was never aiming toward anything concrete. I was also stuck wondering why some people knew their purpose, but I didn’t know mine. 

The truth is, we do get to change and clarify as we go. There’s no ultimate authority beyond your own mind as to your vision being right or wrong. It’s up to you. It’s like a stone sculpture, you can see it in your head, but you don’t know exactly how it’s going to turn out. You just keep chipping away at it and it begins to reveal to you what it really looks like. 

It starts out foggy and gets clear. It starts out sloppy and gets refined. Through experimentation, education, - reflecting, revising, and remixing. Don’t think you have to have the final version of your mission in place exactly as it will be, right now. 

But start with something! It’s good to begin with the end in mind, but no plan has ever made it through a battle. It’s as easy as this. What do you want? What goals would you like to accomplish? What are you willing to work for? What do you want to be, do, and see in your life. 

Write them down. Start working on them – you’ll hit problems and roadblocks. Keep learning, keep revising, and your vision will get more and more clear. It’s like stepping stones in a creek. You go as far as you can go, and sometimes you have to search for a little bit to see the next one. As this happens, you’ll also see a path that looks really good to you, more desirable than the way you thought you were going. 

You will get to points along the journey where some goals just don’t seem as important, or they may be too time consuming and the payoff is not what you expected, so you drop those. You will also, as you grow and move forward, begin to see opportunities that you never even knew existed. 

There is no shame in dropping goals, and no shame in finding new goals. This will happen. The only time it will be detrimental is if you stop doing anything meaningful towards any of your goals because you are stuck in indecision. 

If you keep looking at the horizon, reflecting on where you want to go next, and then keep on keeping on, your mission will become clear. But not too clear – I’d guess that Albert Schweitzer died before his vision was crystal clear. I’d also guess that he never stopped trying to figure things out. That’s one sign of a life well-lived. 

In your journal today, answer these three questions. Put some thought into them because this exercise might just change your life. 

What do you want?

What would you do if you had all the money you’d ever need without having to work for it?

What would you do if you couldn’t fail?

These questions should give you an idea of what your mission might be – don’t disregard any goal you might have as being too large. You will never accomplish more than your biggest, grandest goal. So set a big goal for yourself, and as long as it’s morally sound and it’s true to what you want, it’s a good goal. 

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