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Attracting The Right People - How To Find Your Success Network

March 4, 2021

How do you find your Success Network. I’m not necessarily talking about your audience, or your tribe. Just a group of people who feel the same way you do and those who are attracted by what you say. What you do with this gro…

The Key To Everything - Add This One Element To All You Do

March 1, 2021

I was writing in my journal on Friday, reflecting on how I can become better. Specifically I noticed that I wasn’t being very patient, gentle, or kind with my family. (I wasn’t being unkind, I just wasn’t actively being kind…

Natural High, Natural Low - Avoid Mistakes With Both

Feb. 25, 2021

CS Lewis was a genius when it came to delving into human nature and calling out the rough spots in humans. Believing his “why” is up to you, but it's hard to deny his knowledge of emotion and motivation. It's impossible to d…

Rejection Reflection - How To Use Past Rejection To Propel Forward

Feb. 22, 2021

I was rejected - turned down to get my songs published in 1994. In 2017, I was turned down again for newer, different music. With no success, I decided I just wasn't cut out for this business. Had I reflected at all on what…

What Most Creatives Get Wrong - The Folly of Talent vs. Viral Content

Feb. 18, 2021

Most creatives leave their work only half complete, and many complain about the uninspiring results. "Getting it out there" is more than uploading the work, sharing on a few select social media accounts, and then hoping peop…

Networking, The Life Changing Magic Of

Feb. 15, 2021

Networking is almost magical - you cannot predict what changes will happen in your life as a result of meeting new people. Here are the four or five points you should have ready to being your new journey in networking - plus…

The Hike That Changed My Life

Feb. 12, 2021

In the midst of an all-out war between my wife and me - I found a solution that changed everything. My mindset, skills, goals, reactions to adversity, and my personal education turned around 180 degrees.

Are You Impressive?

Feb. 9, 2021

The secret to being impressive is counterintuitive. Join me for the first-ever Second Mix podcast where we reflect, revise, and remix our lives.