Reflect, Revise, Remix your life!


Welcome to the second mix podcast where we reflect, revise, and remix our lives. I love to talk about things that matter with people who care, and I'm here today with a dose of self-development to help make you better, stronger, and wiser.  My name is Matt Bennett and I'm bringing you some old-school personal development from the original masters of motivation as well as interviews with entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, and consultants - anyone who has a mission of making things better. 

Matthew Bennett

Business Consultant/Podcaster/Real Estate Investor

I am the Manager/President of Second Mix, LLC, an entity formed to help give small businesses their best chance at success through development, systems, and marketing. Second Mix has a podcast (about 84 episodes now) teaching that personal development is business development and that working hard on yourself produces great results in your business. 

I am also the Manager/President of MAJE Properties, LLC which is a buy-and-hold real estate business in the city of Ere, PA. We currently own 10 units and are continually seeking more opportunities.


Employment History:

Manager/President Second Mix, LLC Feb 2011 to Present

Although not operating as an LLC until 2021, the job has remained the same. I've been using the skills I learned in various disciplines to make a living - music lessons & shows, magic lessons and performances, graphic design, organic & paid social media marketing, ghostwriting books, website design and more. Under this name, I’ve also consulted with guests/contestants on CW’s hit show “Fool Us” with Penn and Teller, assisting with scripting and stage directing. 


Manager/President MAJE Properties, LLC Jan 2022 to Present

Right now, I run all aspects of MAJE Properties including the systems for acquisition, leasing, and maintenance of the properties. I am slowly building a team as this business grows. 


Musician Freelance/Self-Employed Feb 2011 to Present

Piano/Keyboard/Organ/Vocals - I played in many bands and projects as a freelance and studio musician, recorded 6 albums in my name, and created the Real Clear Keyboards Intermediate Blues Course at



Completed the Associations Landlord 101 Course (as did my wife) before we purchased a property

Competed Joe Herbert’s course “How to Buy a Rental Property in 90 Days or Less”

Completed “The Internet’s Best Copywriting Course” by Jacob McMillen

Completed Ray Edwards Copywriting program

Completed the E5 Method training by Todd Brown

Completed the Borrowed Bestseller Campaign by Todd Brown

Completed the S.I.N. Offer Method by Todd Brown

Completed Business Made Simple University by Donald Miller (Including Marketing Made Simple, Proposals Made Simple, Negotiation Made Simple, StoryBrand Messaging Framework, Mission Statement Made Simple, and Communication Made Simple)

Completed the Magnetic Marketing Course by Dan Kennedy

Completed the Course Dotcom Secrets by Russel Brunson



Member the Apartment Association of NW PA

Member of the Jason Pero Mastermind

Member of Greater Erie Board of Realtors

Member of the NO BS Magnetic Marketing Newsletter

Member of the Behind the Scenes Marketing Secrets Letter


Other Information:

I’m a licensed Real Estate Agent in PA

I’ve written 3 books on Magic

Won the REMA Award for Blues Band in 2018

I average about 75 books a year on Marketing, Behavioral Economics, Behavioral Psychology, Personal Development, Leadership, Philosophy, Relationships, Communication, and Real Estate Investing & Sales.

Wrote the book “Plots, Ploys, and Other Cons” - ghostwritten for Brent Braun

Wrote the book “The Invisible Man” - an Illusion for the stage, ghostwritten for Daniel Martin