The Second Mix Podcast - Reflect, Revise, and Remix Your Life


Welcome to the Second Mix Podcast - get ready to reflect, revise, and remix your life with personal development ideas and concepts for real estate investors, real estate agents, and other entrepreneurs.  At the root of all business development is personal development - your business gets better as YOU get better!

I was pretty miserable until I discovered some old personal development seminars - I thought I was moving forward and doing things right, and I just couldn't understand why I wasn't getting ahead. Once I learned that the problem was me, I went full steam ahead - learning and putting in the work, and I haven't stopped since. 

I'm a business and marketing consultant, a real estate investor, and of course, a podcast host. I'm also a musician who has written and recorded many albums for myself and others. I've also been a magician - I've written several books and articles on magic and have done consulting work with magicians who go on Fool Us (Penn & Teller) on the CW Network. 

I have fiction work published in three anthologies, in horror and science fiction - though I've since lost my desire to write about the dark things I used to ponder all the time. 

It is my intention in this podcast and all my endeavors to keep gaining value, and to pour out as much value and wisdom as I can into this world, and invest all I am learning into the hearts and minds of others. I want to be a positive influence, a force for good in the universe. 

I will leave you with my current list laying out the kind of person I want to be. In the spirit of the Second Mix Philosophy (REFLECT, REVISE, REMIX) I read over this often, and it goes through several revisions a year (or more!) but it should give you the general idea about who I am. I would encourage you to make your own list of the kind of person you want to be, and then go work at being that person. 


My purpose is to serve God, my family, and others through the goals I am achieving and the person I am becoming. I will inspire others to live their lives in love, satisfaction, and achievement. I will use my resources to help others. I will engage in this life and do all I can.

I get excited about my ability to make myself do the necessary things. I plan my schedule to make my life unique and extraordinary in a way that makes me excited about the future, then I execute my plans. 

I am focused and directed - undistracted. I make a decision and get on with it. I make progress every day. I do what I can and I always do my best.

I will actively work on my health, putting the best foods in my body, and making sure to stay active and flexible, moving every muscle every day. I love to feel awake and refreshed, so I will make sure I get a good amount of rest every night. 

I control my internal dialogue (self-talk) and radiate it to others around me. I recognize limiting beliefs in myself and others and create strategies to overcome them.  I stay vigilant against negative scripts and internal conspiracy theories and see when I am building a case for my own negative conclusions. I replace these with a positive vision of the situation. 

I dwell on my wins and the positive outcomes I want. I design life so that it comes to me the way I want it. I choose to respond to circumstances instead of reacting. I recognize that my quality of life is determined by the quality of my thinking, not by my external situations. 

I will spend the extra time it takes to get clear and focused on my goals, and continually revise my vision. I am 100% responsible for what I become and I am a serious student of my own life. I ensure that I am getting growth input on a regular basis. I learn every day, and reflect daily to adjust my course. 

In the winter, I get better, stronger, and wiser. When I am at a low point, I will improve my skills and knowledge. I won’t wish life was easier, I will wish to be better. I won’t wish for fewer problems but for more skills. I won’t wish for fewer challenges but for more wisdom. I’ll invest my philosophy and attitude into activity, live as simply as possible and be grateful for what I have. 

I am involved with my communities. I Iook for the good in every situation, and potential in every person. I am going to tune in to what inspires me and what I think I can do to bring value to people.

I am a connector, a counselor, and a helper. I ask people questions about themselves and learn all I can about them. I plan time with my family and my network and ensure that my life is designed with purpose. 

When there is conflict, I examine my role. Am I telling myself a story that exacerbates the problem? Am I dwelling on things making them worse? I apologize if I am wrong. I use my influence and power in every interaction to improve the outcome. I am comfortable and confident.

Since I become like those I am around, I will choose my community wisely. I will stay vigilant against negative-thinking people, and I will defend my values and virtues against all attackers whether from self, others, or circumstances. 

I will devote my life to growing in love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. I will ask God for wisdom and count it joy when I meet trials. I will be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to become angry. I will put away all that is unworthy. Whatever is true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, commendable, if there is any excellence, anything worthy of praise, I will think about these things. 


I Also Want to Be Like This:

Financially Independent

In control of my time but disciplined enough to use it in valuable ways

Take excellent care of my resources

Live minimally

Help as many people as possible become something different like I did


I control my internal dialogue

I’m very kind to myself

I dwell on my past wins and on the positive outcomes I want

I am vigilant against negative scripts, limiting beliefs, conspiracy thinking, and building cases for my negative conclusions

I choose to respond to circumstances and not be controlled by my reactions

I am 100% responsible for what I become

No matter how I feel, I am able to make myself do the necessary things

I don’t bog myself down with the negative thinking of others. 

I am a good finder


I ask people questions of themselves, and put the spotlight on them, not me

I ask people how I can best help them achieve their goals

I add value to the lives around me

I am involved in the communities that I am a part of

I am a connecter, a counselor, and a helper

I apologize when I am wrong

I use my influence and power in every interaction to improve the outcome

I am comfortable and confident

When there is conflict (internally or externally), I immediately seek out my role in the conflict (am I telling myself a story that exacerbates the problem? Am I dwelling on things that make the situation worse?)

I am not surprised when people who don’t feel how I feel or act in a way I don’t think they should. I cannot hold them accountable to my personal philosophy. 

I plan and execute family activities and time

I am unoffendable. 


I am a serious student of my own life

I am always learning during brainless task time (hiking, dishes, etc..)

I take the time to learn every day - and the time to reflect on what I’ve done wrong or right, and what could be better. 

I study important works again to extract all the value I can get. 


I make progress every day

I spend the extra time it takes to get clear and focused on my goals

I make a decision and get on with it

When I am frustrated, I turn to activity - do something to advance even when I’m not feeling it (Where else would you start?)

I plan my schedule to make my life unique and extraordinary. I plan in a way that makes me excited about the day. 


I work out and I’m proud of my body

I eat healthy foods that nourish and heal


I live minimally

I am a musician

I am a magician

I love the water - swimming/kayaking

I take pictures every day.