Reflect, Revise, Remix your life!
Second Mix - Reflect, Revise, Remix Your Life

Welcome to the second mix podcast where we reflect, revise, and remix our lives. I love to talk about things that matter with people who care, and I'm here today with a dose of self development to help make you better, stronger, and wiser. My name is Matt Bennett and I'm bringing you some old school personal development from the original masters of motivation as well as interviews with entrepreneurs, authors, coaches and consultants - anyone who has a mission of making things better.

Recent Episodes

Jeff Smith, "The KPI Guy"talks about measuring your progress with key performance indicators

June 2, 2022

Jeff Smith, The KPI Guy talks about measuring your progress with key performance indicators. Jeff is on record as the most successful author in history on KPI and Business Management. Find Jeff and all his books, plus a TON …

4 Things I Learned When I Almost Died This Year

May 30, 2022

Second Mix is back for season 2! I was in the hospital for 25 days out of a 45-day period in February and March of this year. This episode is about how it affected my personal journey and some of the things that I learned ab…

Season Finale

Sept. 16, 2021

Hello listeners! It's been a great season, from February to September, and this has been a really fun process for me - starting a podcast and learning how to do it. It was also a major lesson in consistency. I can't wait to …

Your Network IS Your Motivation

Sept. 13, 2021

When I was with the "wrong" people, not only was my mindset wrong, but it was seriously affecting my desires, my goals, my mission, and my vision for my life. It all works together. Any moment you choose, you can begin looki…

Just Two Epiphanies Can Change Your Entire Life Direction

Sept. 9, 2021

HOW. The most important question you can ask yourself when you run up against a stone wall. How do I get this done? How do I get through this? How do I learn this skill? How can I run this business successfully? How do I mee…

How To Get Through Any Problem Or Obstacle Successfully

Sept. 6, 2021

If you ever feel stuck, and can't seem to get to your goals FOR WHATEVER REASON, there are methods and steps you can follow - and my framework is just one of dozens - you don't have to choose mine, but you really should choo…